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Macario VITALIS facing the Breton sea

Classement tableaux Macario VITALIS – tableaux non datés

VITALIS did not always sign or date his paintings… sometimes facetiously, it seems. For other paintings on this page, we have not yet obtained this information.

This page offers the opportunity to visit VITALIS’ artistic career, with very different styles and themes.

Peasant – or – At the market – Oil/panel

Woman on the balcony – Oil/canvas

The chief in his kitchen – Oil/canvas

Breton farm – Oil/canvas

Portrait of a woman – Oil/cardboard

Saint-Efflam (Britanny) – ?

Village of Brittany – Oil/canvas

The concert – Oil/cardboard

Le Conquet (Britanny) Oil/canvas

Fish seller – Oil/canvas

Abstract – Oil/canvas

The Annunciation – Oil/canvas

Untitled (the village) – Oil/canvas

The ironer- Oil/canvas

Village – Oil/panel

Locquirec de la pointe du Corbeau – Oil/panel

Religious – Oil/canvas

Untitled – Oil/cardboard

Polychrome composition- Oil/canvas

The village – Oil/cardboard

Untitled – Oil/canvas

The cloth merchants – Oil/panel

Fields – Oil/canvas

The dance – Oil/canvas

Young girl in a yellow dress – Oil/canvas

Assembly of eleven characters at the table including Camille Renault – Oil/canvas

Bather – Oil/canvas

Dancing couple – Oil/panel

Marina (?) – Oil/canvas

Untitled (pieta) – Oil/canvas

Virgin and Child – Oil/panel

Portrait of a young woman – Oil/canvas

Village view – Oil/canvas

The washerwomen – Oil/canvas

The crystal ball – Oil/panel

Marine – Oil/canvas

The Breton women – Oil/canvas

Cubist Moalic Bridge – Oil/panel

Crucifixion – Oil/panel

The guitarist – Oil/panel

Seascape – ?

Adoration of the Magi Oil/canvas

Moalic bridge – Oil/canvas

The party – Oil/cardboard

Landscape – Oil/canvas

Woman with oranges – Oil/panel

Young guitarist – Oil/canvas

Vendors – Oil/canvas

The digger – Oil/panel

Trégorois landscape – Oil/canvas

Maternity – Oil/canvas

Marine – Oil/canvas

Maternity – Oil/canvas

The musician – Oil/panel

The boats in front of the lighthouse – Oil/canvas

Breton port – Oil/panel

Figures – Pastel

The Last Supper – Oil/canvas

Hillside villa – Oil/canvas

The villagers – Oil/panel

Portrait of a woman with a scarf – Oil/canvas