banniere photos EN
1 Macario Vitalis a Mogueriec 1979

VITALIS in 1979 at the port of Moguériec (29 – Finistère), which has so often inspired its marines

4 Macario VITALIS dans son atelier en 1950

Macario VITALIS in his workshop at Camille RENAULT’s, circa 1950

(with the kind permission of M.E. LEDOIGT)

3 Macario VITALIS Portrait en 1958 a 50 ans

VITALIS in 1958, at the age of 60

(photo by a Swiss photographer – award-winning photo)

VITALIS à 69 ans en pique nique Site

VITALIS on a picnic, in 1969, at the age of 71 (Archives Michel Cornille et fils)

2 Macario Vitalis dans son atelier chez Camille Renault 1950

VITALIS with his model, in his workshop at Camille RENAULT, around 1950

(with the kind permission of M.E. LEDOIGT)

5 Macario VITALIS a Ouessant

VITALIS on the island of Ouessant (29 – Finistère) in 1975

(with the kind permission of Mrs N. DANIEL)

6 Macario Vitalis et Lucien Prigent devant le buste

The sculptor and his model: VITALIS in front of the bust sculpted by his friend Lucien PRIGENT, in 1982

(with the kind permission of Mrs S. PRIGENT)

8 Macario VITALIS Bayanihan Paris 1962

The Philippine folkloric dance troupe BAYANIHAN during their 1962 tour in Paris.

7 Macario VITALIS cochon de lait à lhotel des voyageurs

VITALIS surrounded by his Plestinian friends for a suckling pig at the Hotel des Voyageurs in the late 1970s.

10 Macario VITALIS Fete à l hotel des voyageurs

Once again, the party with his Plestinian friends at the Hotel des Voyageurs, in the 1970s.

9 Macario VITALIS Portrait en couleurs

VITALIS, elegant, in the early 1980s

11 Macario Vitalis 1986 Portrait de Lenora Cabili

“Portrait of Lenora CABILI” – 1986

12 Macario Vitalis et modèle philippin

VITALIS and its model, Lenora CABILI, in 1986 in the Philippines


VITALIS in the late 1960s – photo with his civilian signature

14 Macario Vitalis Article Magazine Philippine Airlines

VITALIS in its workshop-house in Guergay, Plestin-les-Grèves in 1982

(photo published as an illustration for an article in the Philippine Airlines in-flight magazine in 1986)

15 Macario VITALIS dernier repas de fruits de mer hotel des voyageurs

Last meal with his friends from Plestin, in 1988, at the Hôtel des Voyageurs in Plestin-les-Grèves