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VITALIS’ work includes other religious themes.

Religious themes appeared late in VITALIS’ work, the first known painting dating from 1960 (VITALIS was then 62 years old). He particularly studied three themes: the crucifixion, motherhood and the holy family.

Other themes were also visited. In particular, he produced a series on the “Annunciation”. The scene always takes place under an arch, the curvature of which is rendered by the perspective. The colour scheme is dominated by yellow, mauve and orange. Only the arrangement of the two figures changes. The Virgin Mary, dressed in mauve, is seated on the left or right of the scene. The Archangel Gabriel, dressed in bright yellow, stands on the other side of the Virgin. Mountains and hills remain in the background, through the arch…

Annonciation – 1960

Sans titre (annonciation) – 1965

The veranda – 1984

Apparition – 1964

L’annonciation – 1966

Les noces de Cana et la Cène

A Marina- 1968

Les noces de Cana – 1966

La Cène – NC

Les noces de Cana – 1966

Les Rois mages et d’autres thèmes parfois surprenants

Adoration des mages -hst – NC

Les religieuses – hst – NC

Sans titre (Piéta) – hst – NC

Les rois mages – hst – 1968

Nativité – hst – 1965

Pitié pour les moines – hst – 1976

La Vierge Marie, au centre, se trouve entourée de moines dévêtus !